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Deductible withheld or release?

by Elvia

I have a claim, and after a suplement apraisal they give little more of money. so i receive two repair certificate forms to be filled by the auto body and i have to send them back, both said the same BUT the only diference is the amount of money they pay for and other that i do not really understand.

it says ...

The Massachusetts auto reform Law allows to pay you directly for your damages. "Your deductible of $500 is withheld". You check will be mailed under separate cover. (i received this first)

THEN... I received the next one with diferent ammount they pay and the text above but WITH " Your deductible of $500 is released."

What does that mean, what is the diference in saying withheld or released?

what they do with the deductible?, they keep it?, or they give it to the auto body?.

Hope to know about it soon. Thanks


Hello Elvia,

The insurance company keeps the deductible. It is your agreement with them (in your auto insurance policy). Under certain very narrow circumstances, deductibles could be waived and sometimes they refer to this as "released."

It is unclear here what they mean, but you need to call the insurance adjuster and ask. This may be a good way to have them explain the specific language used.

I hope this helps,

Good Luck,

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