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Deductibles and Uninsured Motorist

by Daniel
(San Francisco)

I was in an accident with an uninsured motorist in CA. The insurance company has withheld $500.00 from the payment for the deductible. The first reason was that they had to verify that the driver did not have insurance.

This has been verified. Now they are saying that I will get this money if they recover money from the uninsured motorist.

Is this the way that this is supposed to work ?


Well, the only way we can see your scenario happening is this:

Your uninsured motorist deductible is the same as your collision deductible ($500).

If your UIM deductible is less less than your collision deductible, as if often is, for example, your UIM deductible is $300 and your Collision is $500, then the insurance company would charge your $500 first until confirmation that the claim is in fact a UIM claim, then they would reimburse you back the difference between both deductibles (in this example, $200).

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