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Deer hit and fraud accusations

by Ray
(philadelphia pa)

I changed my deductible two days before my deer hit. I hit the deer, reported it to the insurance company who then in turn sent an investigator out to talk to me. I told him that I had a previous comprehensive claim with the same vehicle three months prior from another deer hit. This time around was not as bad.

He proceeded to ask me questions and implied at one point that I was lying. He told me just to tell the truth and admit that I hit the deer then changed the deductible which is not what I did. I was completely honest with him.

I have nothing to hide. Now he wants to look at the damage estimate from the other repair from the first deer hit, and talk to the body shop. What do I do in this situation? What happens if they do not believe me?

What happens if they slap a fraud charge on me? I honestly did not do anything wrong.


Hello Ray,

If you did not do anything wrong at all, then relax. They do have a point however. That’s suspicious given the fact and you claim history. If you fixed the car, the bodyshop will verify your story and things will be okay.

It’s their burden to show you did something wrong and the adjuster must believe you unless they have evidence that you lied.

If you feel that you are being framed, or anything like that, you will have to talk to a lawyer!

Good Luck,

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