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Determining Liability for This Car Accident

by Sissy

I was in a left turning lane. There was no one ahead of me. I was trying to get to the straight lane on my right. I did not know that it was also left turning lane. None of the cars would let me in. The light turned green so I decided to go straight.

Car on right made a left turn. I hit the left rear driver side 1/4 panel. Cops came but said it was minor damage and we should work it out. The other car is an 18 yr old car and is drivable.

The estimate does not breakdown rates and hours it just gives numbers.

Am I totally at fault?

Answer to Determining Liability for This Car Accident

Hello Sissy,

Yeah, probably. You had to make a right and failed to do that. How would the other person be able to avoid the accident when you hit the on the rear quarter panel.

Ask for a better estimate and get your insurance company involved. They will ensure you pay the proper amount.

Good Luck

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