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Diminished value claim against Geico

by Bryan
(Howe,Tx Grayson)

I am filing a diminished value claim in the state of Texas against geico filing in small claims court. The court said I needed to find out who represents Geico in the state of Texas in these claims so they can get the paperwork to the laywer.

I need to know how to find who represents them? When I ask the adjuster he says send it to there main office and gives me address won’t give me lawyers’ name. When I tell the Justice of the peace who does the small claims court he tells me i need to find the lawyer not just send to there office.


You have to look Geico as a company in Texas. If they are doing business in Texas, they must have a registered agent with the department of state or the secretary of state. The Department of Insurance of the office of the Insurance Commissioner may also have that on their records.

Talk to an attorney if this continues to give you problems.

Good Luck,

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Apr 28, 2011
I am having the same problem with GEICO in Houston
by: Anonymous

I have been going back and forth with GEICO - Houston Claims Office since November 2010. It has been one excuse after another. They feel since the vehicle has been repaired, the market value of the truck has not changed. We hired an appraiser to prove our case, GEICO claims that is just their opinion of the appraiser.

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