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Dinged car who pays?

by Stephanie

My son was in another car and when he got out he dinged another car. The owner did not call the police. He nor the owner of the car that hit it contacted their insurance agents.

They are telling me that I am responsible for the cost. I am all for paying but it is my sole responsibility?.

I am in Missouri


Hello Stephanie,

Your son would be responsible for the damages he caused to both vehicles (if both vehicles were parked and not moving). There are other laws that would put more negligence on the driver of another vehicle if they were moving and did not avoid (honk, move, etc.). However, on the facts you gave me, this is very hard to determine.

If your son was on getting of the driver seat, it is possible that the insurance company of the car would insure him. Again, you did not state if he was a driver or a passenger, and this might affect how coverage is granted (if any).

If the was a passenger, it is possible that your insurance company can cover him if they determine that he is a member of the household (as defined in the insurance policy). Again, if both insurance companies decline payment, then your son would be responsible. If he is under the age of 18, then you would be liable.

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