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Direct Insurance Co.

by Amanda

Very Displeased! At first I thought they were great. Gotta great quote, paid for it 6 months in advance and 1/2 way through my 6 month policy the Department of Safety contacted me telling me my license were being suspended due to non proof of SR22!

I knew I had to carry an SR22 for several more months and never would have changed insurance companies without making sure I was fully covered. I called Direct Insurance Co. and after 2 weeks of stress and hassle I was informed that I had to pay $15 to add the SR22. Now $15 was not an issue, I would gladly pay 15 bucks to keep my license from being suspended. The problem I had with this was the fact when I set up my policy I stated I had to have this SR22. I set up the policy 10 days before I paid because I was waiting for my prior insurance to run out.

When I brought this up they claim to have no recording of any calls prior to the date that I purchased the service, they conveniently only had the recording of me giving my credit card info.

The people I spoke with in trying to resolve this matter were very unhelpful and would never call back after taking my number. I had to make call after call. I told them the entire situation was ridiculous and if they wanted to lose business over 15 bucks due to an incompetent employee, the company was pathetic. I ended up paying the $15, and requested my service be terminated as soon as my 6 months were up.

For the record, I'm a very laid back easy goin' person. But this made me so mad, I just felt like I needed to let others know to beware of this company, it is far from professional.

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