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Do both insurance companies of both parties of the accident NEED to get involved?

I was driving my parents car who is fully insured under their name w/ uninsured motorists coverage. I was insured under the same company as well under my parents name, but due to a DUI, i was booted from the policy.

One day i got into an accident and filed a claim. The other party is saying its not their fault. I had 2 witness' to back my story but the other party's client is denying everything.

I got a call today from the other person's insurance company saying they want my insurance company information because they want to settle it between insurance companies.

The other person has liability coverage but no collision coverage.

At the time of the accident, the car was (and still is) insured under my parents name since the car is under their name. The next day, is when i got the insurance under my name on the same car.

So obviously since i didnt have insurance under my name at the time of the accident i cant give them my insurance information. My parents insurance is claiming that they will not be responsible for any coverage in the event that i am liable for all the damages (since they kicked me out of their policy).

I thought since my parents have uninsured motorists coverage, i should still be covered since the car is under their name.

I told the other party's insurance company that i dont want to involve my insurance because its a complicated situation and that i want to fight as an individual against their client.

but they keep saying I NEED to provide my insurance information if i want to get the investigation resolved. But if liability hasnt been determined yet, why do i have to involve my insurance? is this correct?


You are strongly advice to talk to your insurance company. You could settle the claim yourself and pay for all damages out of pocket, but the insurance may not look kindly on that. In addition, they are coming after you for all damages, so your insurance company will have to provide them with a letter of denial or no coverage.

Also, your Uninsured coverage does not apply to third party claim. The coverage applies to first party claims (when you get hurt by someone who has no coverage, then they cover YOUR damages (first party damages).

Only the liability coverage of your policy will provide coverages for their damages (third party damages).

You need to talk to a lawyer.

Good Luck

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