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Do I have a chance to sue a corp. co. for negligence?

by Rich

I was a pedesrian on 8-18-08, standing on the sidewalk waiting for a friend, a rental corp. car driven by a corp. employee back up in a wide backward U turn, hit me and was told by her employer to go again and wash the car.

I have a witness, police report, etc. Can I sue for a larger amount than normal - I feel that a low-to-high 6 digit number is more than fair.



Pedestrians have the upper hand and probably get the 6 digit award from corporations and not from employees. You probably do have a claim against the employer. However, it depends on 1. Your injuries and 2. How good your lawyer is.

Sounds like you have good evidence, so you might have a good case. Without more details it I hard to say. For a free lawyer consultation of how much you can sue for, visit:

They can help you determine how much you could expect on your jurisdiction

Good Luck

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