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Do I have to pay whats left on my car loan if not at fault?

by Cole

I was involved in a 3 way car accident today and I still owe money on the car loan but I was NOT at fault.

I was rear ended and my car was pushed from a dead stop into the car infront of me.

Do I still need to pay the loan off? or does the person at fault have to?

Answer to Do I have to pay whats left on my car loan if not at fault?

Hello Cole,

Yes, you are responsible for the loan regardless of what happened on the accident. They are two separate things.

The at fault party's insurance company may only pay to repair the vehicle, or they may only a portion of the loan (if the actual cash value of the vehicle is less than the amount owed). If you are upside down in the loan, then you may end up with a total loss and still making payments on a car you no longer have.

For more information about total loss, please see:

Good Luck

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