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Do I need an Attorney? | Revocking my license over damages I did not cause

Another driver hit us broadside in a retail parking lot in Aug 2010.

The police did not issue any citations or assess any fault. At the time, we did not have insurance coverage, but his insurance company contacted us, sent an adjuster to survey our damaged car, and issued us a check for 50% of the cost to repair. We thought the incident was over and done with. But in Dec 2010, we started getting threatening letters/phone calls demanding 100% ($1643.00) of the other drivers damages.

Sense he HIT US BROADSIDE, we do not feel we are at fault or liable for any of his damages. And sense they only paid 50% of ours, certainly not 100% of theirs.

Now this subrogation firm is telling us that unless they receive a check in full by the end of next week, they will have our license suspended/revoked. I don't believe they have the power to do that without some kind of legal proceeding...

Do we need an attorney to defend us in this matter?

It feels like we are being strong-armed into paying money we don't owe.



Well, you probably do not require a lawyer, but it is a good idea. A very good one. You should talk to one at least.

They have the upper hand as they can have your license removed at any moment so you are better off to cover all your basis.

As always, it is very important that you talk with a local attorney!
Good Luck,
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