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Does an orange title make your car value half???

by Katelyn
(Ada, Oklahoma)

I was rear ended stopped at a red light. liability has been assumed by other party. the car was severely totaled.

we are now discussing a settlement. I drove a 2006 chev cobalt ltz, beautiful. However it had an orange title, but car was completely repaired. No one could tell it had ever been in a wreck. I loved my car. Now the insurance company is trying to given me 6,300 dollars for it which is about half of what it would cost to buy a similar car with a green title. is this fair?

They insite that the car is worth much less due to it's orange title. is this true? and how much less?

Thanks for your help Katelyn


Hello Katelyn,

If by Orange title you mean the car was already a total loss, then yes, it’s true – technically. A prior total loss will damage the value of the car (its fair market value).

Would you pay the same for a vehicle that was in an accident before and you do not know the vehicle has been fixed correctly (and apparently had so much damage that the title is Orange), than a the same used vehicle?

Now, does this mean it’s half? Nope. It’s less but I am not sure if it would be half of the value. That is up to you to negotiate.

I hope this helps,

Good Luck

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