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Does insurance have to pay with liability/uninsured motorists coverage/

My daughter was driving our car when she was hit by a truck causing damage to the front left side of the vehicle which also cause the entire frontof the car to have damage, hood, fenders, bumpers, etc...resulting in over 6000.00 in damages.

The "other" driver (and 2 other people int he truck) did not call the police to the scene, neither did my daughter due to the impact/shock she was in...

she was driving a four door mid size vehicle vs a RAM pickup. Since there is no police report, they are refusing to pay saying it was her fault, she says it was their fault because they were speeding and intoxicated.

We only have liability and uninsured coverage. Should our insurance company be required to pay for our damages?

The other driver's insurance company is refusing the claim. our insurance company is saying that if the other party were not insured at all it would cover. (????) This is so unfair.



I am sorry to hear about your situation.

Liability coverage only covers a third party for damages you cause (or a driver of your car). Your own auto is not covered.

Uninsured Motorist Coverage will only cover you if 1. it is not your fault AND 2. the party responsible is not insured and cannot be found.

It appears that your daughter is being tagged as at fault. If she is at fault, then without Collision Coverage, there would not be anything the insurance company would pay.

If she is not at fault, the other insurance company should pay for your damages.

To learn how to argue fault, and to see what insurance companies look for, please see:

Good Luck,

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