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Don't Agree with the other drivers insurance percent of fault

by Brittani

Long story short... I was in an auto accident back in Feb. 2011, There was a police report done. The report puts the other driver as the Primary factor and Cause for the accident.

It does say i was an associated factor for following too closely. I am currently waiting to contest this in court.

I don’t believe i was since the other driver illegally cut me off and was recklessly driving.

The other drivers insurance said they were taking liability for it , until the contacted my insurance and found out I wasn’t covered at the time of the accident. After this, they changed their "investigation" and claim I am 80% at fault for the accident. I have tried to negotiate with them but they won’t and just tell me no we are sticking to our claim. After 7 months they are calling me and Pervious owners of my vehicle, saying they are demanding payment of $6,916.90. I', currently doing an investigation with the Commission Office of California.

Now if after this investigation and the company still doesn’t want to change their percentage. What can i Do ? They are totally taking advantage of the fact i have no one to represent me. How do i handle this? Do I take the other driver to small claims and let the judge decided? DO i need a lawyer?

(ive tried to call a few but they don’t want to help because there is no injury claim)


Well, lesson 1. Never driver without insurance, they will take advantage of the situation and will have a substantial amount of resources against you. You already contacted the Insurance Commission so they should take a look at it.

If that does not work, you should talk to a an attorney. Please review these pages before you decide to go to court.

Good Luck

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