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Double Deductible

by LeQ
(Lakewood, CA, US )

I recently ran over a metal object in the street and it caused damage to something underneath my vehicle. After the claims adjuster evaluated the damages to the car, he indicated that there were other damages that were the result of a pothole.

He also commented that my tire was bald and had a nail in it, but that since the tire was bald the insurance company would not cover it. Then he told me that I will have to pay 2 deductibles to cover all of the damages.

My car was also broken into and the window knobs were broken. I know that if I report this, they will charge me another deductible even though it is all reported at the same time.

How can I get my car fixed and a new tire without paying three deductible?

Answer to Double Deductible

Hello LeQ,

How does the insurance company know that the nail was not in the same pothole? It is likely that it probably was not, and if it was not, it would be a separate occurrence. It does not matter that you reported the claim(s) at the same time. Insurance coverage applies per each occurrence.

Good Luck
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