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Driven into the side of my house

I had a guy under the influence drive his personal truck into the side of my house. My family and I just so happened to not be at home at the time of this accident.

His insurance company has been giving me the run around for about 6 months. I had to file some of the damages on my homeowner's insurance. I lost a lot of stuff in this accident and his insurance company does not seem to want to pay for my lost contents.

What should I do to get his insurance company to pay short of suing?


The insurance company does owe you for your documented loss contents (assuming you can document the loss of those items).

These are damages that flow out of the accident, therefore they are require to pay for them.

The main issue is going to be if the driver has enough coverage to pay for your all the damage created.

You can talk to a lawyer to help you with the claim, without having to litigate.

Good Luck,

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