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Driving after revocation | Negligence

by Gary

A person driving vehicle A drifts over the center line and hits an oncoming vehicle B and driver A dies. The driver of vehicle B is injured but is driving under revocation. Who is at fault.

The driver driving under revocation or the driver who went over the center line. I would have surmised that driver B since he is committing a crime and is negligent for driving on the road. Also falsifying to his insurance company.

Does the crime committed by driver B show malice and negligence by cause

Answer to Driving after revocation

Hello Gary,

What do you mean who is at fault? If vehicle A drifts into an incoming lane causing the accident, it is pretty clear that A is at fault.

The revocation has nothing to do with the accident. That breach is not casually related to the collision. Drifting on the middle of the road is.

Driving without insurance may or may not be a crime. It may only be civil liability. In either situation, the claim fails on causation, please see:

Please all see all elements of fault here.

Good Luck

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