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Drunk Driver | Are we liable?

by Cay
(Manila, Philippines)

During his birthday, my drunk father gave the keys to our car (registered under my and my sister's names) to one of his drunk friends.

The drunk friend does not have a license, but I am not sure if my father knows that he doesn't have a license when he gave the keys to him. The drunk driver met an accident and hit two cars. He is now in hiding.

The owners of the two cars are now running after us (me and my sister) to shoulder the repair expenses for their cars.

My sister does not live in the Philippines anymore for almost a decade now. I do not live in the house where my parents live and where the car is housed. The car is basically being used by my parents. My question is:

- Are my sister and I liable for the damages to these cars?

- If my father is liable for the accident, what case could be charged against him and what could be the possible punishment (under the law) for it?

I would really appreciate your help on this. Thank you.


Hello Cay,

This website is for U.S. Claims only. Philippine laws would apply that if the accident happened in the Philippines.

If the accident occurred in the U.S., you and your sister would not be liable as you did not cause the accident nor you gave the keys to a drunk person to drive (your dad was not drunk when you gave him the keys).

This is what would happen here. You would have to have personal responsibility, more than simply owning the car before you become liable.

As always, it is very important that you talk with a local attorney!
Good Luck,
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