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Drunk driver hit my parked car!

by Rebecca

Hello there, I live in CA, I own my 1990 land rover that is in fantastic condition.

My parked car, and a neighbors parked car, was hit last week by a
19 year old drunk driver. The drivers brand new car was totalled and both parked cars are not drivable. I have been out of a car since, cannot afford to get a rental or buy a new one.

The drivers insurance finally got in contact with me and are saying that the driver only has a $5000 policy and this is not
enough to fix my car or the neighbors car and we will have see what they can offer and that they cannot offer a rental to me.

I am very stressed out and worried about the situation I am now in and do not know what steps I can take. My car is in great shape and much more valuable then the Kelly Blue Book rate.

Is there any way I can get her insurance to repair my car or give me a decent amount of money so I can get a reliable car again? I currently have liability coverage only.

Thank you for your time!


Hello Rebecca,

I am sorry to hear about your situation. You are in a difficult spot. You can force the hand of the insurance company with the total loss. Here is a good website about what to do on how to evaluate your total loss, making sure you get the most for your car.

If the total loss is eminent, I also recommend you get the total loss eBook ($15, I think). There are a bunch of very good ways to increase your settlement there.

Remember that Kelley Blue Book rate is not enough. You need local fair market value. Your vehicle is somewhat unusual, so I doubt that the insurance company has comparable that are similar to your car. Make sure they do and they are not give you low ball offers.

Because of the age of your car, it is likely that you have to allow for a total loss, but you can try to see what a mechanic will fix it for and see if the total loss settlement is less than that and have it fix (you can retain the salvage).

Make sure you read the CCC report (the market evaluation) so you know exactly how the insurance company came to this number.

I hope this helps

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