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Estimates prior to going to adjuster?

by Jeff

Was hit in the side by a pick up exiting from a parking place in a parking lot.

The other driver has admitted fault and his insurance company has accepted responsibility for the damages. I have an appointment to meet their adjuster on Saturday to estimate my car where they will cut me a check for the damages same day.

My question is should I have the car estimated by other shops before going to them to see if they are giving me a fair amount for damages, or as one body shop said, it won't matter what estimates that I get, just what the insurance adjuster says damages are. I live in North Carolina.


Hello, the insurance adjuster will pay you per their own estimate. They might consider some other estimates, but they might not. They will pay you that day for what they estimate. They will give a copy of their estimate.

What you do is you take that estimate to the bodyshop you would like to get your car fixed at. The mechanic at that shop will look over the damages and the estimate and see if he can fix the car for that amount. If not, then the mechanic will call the adjuster and come to an agreement. If there is any difference (the damages cost more than they paid), the insurance company will issue a second payment to cover all your damages.

Also, you will need a rental car during the time the car is being fixed.

For more information about estimates and how to fix your car, visit:

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