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Failure to yield?

I was about two car lengths behind an intersection and the light had turned yellow. A car was in the middle of the intersection so I was in the speed between 45 mph and 50 in a 45mph zone so I new it was to late to stop without locking my brakes so the car tried to make a quick left turn and I locked my brakes and turned right to avoid it but it was already to late. So what does that mean for my case?

Answer to Failure to yield?

It probably means that you are at fault. At least partially. You should not speed. Not it is not clear from your statement if the vehicle was making a quick left to avoid a collision, get out of the way or what.

If your brakes lock in a yellow intersection while you were speeding, that will not look very good for you.

Always a good idea to talk to an attorney.

Good Luck

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