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Farmers auto insurance and "managed auto repair"

by Taken for a ride
(wilmot, wi)

My husband has been with farmers insurance for 35+ years and recently had an accident where his car was parked in our driveway and was struck by a car driven by a man who was having a seizure.

Farmers took the claim to " advocate" for us. They refuse to pay for proper replacement and manufacturer parts.

They will not vigorously pursue the other insurance agency (Pekin) as they say that Pekin has no fault since the accident was related to a previously unknown medical condition. The driver of the vehicle who struck our car admits fault, has had a previous accident related to a seizure, and is also trying to get insurance to take responsibility.

The result of this mess is that my husband and I whose vehicle was struck while in a driveway at least 35 feet from the road will pay a $500 deductible, and will either have to settle for a car with after market (read inferior, cheaper) parts on a BMW that will decrease the value of our vehicle substantially. Farmers is not acting on our behalf and at last estimate the repair estimate is $3000 shy of what it would cost to fix properly.

Are people aware of:

this incredible loophole on insurer responsibility?

How horrific Farmers insurance is?

Recourse they can take?

We are dropping 3 cars, 3 houses, and a business from Farmers as a result, but what else can be done? His is unethical if not actually illegal. SHAME on Farmers and Pekin insurance!

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