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Fender bender with borrowed rental truck. Coverage in question.

by Linda

I had a rental pick up truck that I let someone else drive. They were in a parking lot and got into a fender bender with another car that was also backing up.

The other driver stated that my friend hit her, but there is really no way to tell.

I have a rental car rider on my car, but there was NO damage to the rental truck, per the rental car company.

I have State Farm, and they stated that since the rental car doesn't need anything, that it goes back to my insurance.

My question is: if my friend was driving the rental truck and the insurance claims figure it that she was to blame for the bender, how does that work exactly? My friend does not have any car insurance.

Answer to Fender Bender with borrowed rental truck. Coverage in question.

Hello Linda,

Boy you have a difficult coverage question here. It is very hard to know exactly without knowing or reading your exact policy language and the contract agreement that you signed.

It would appear that State Farm would have pay for damages to the rental truck, which would indicate they believe that the policy would extent to the rental truck (at least in a first party basis).

They are not denying coverage on the basis of “the person driving was not you.”

The rental agreement will be also very important because it will tell you whether or not you are “allowed” to lend or allow someone else to drive. Most “contracts” limit this, but some companies are pretty sloppy and that clause may not be there.

In either situation, the answer here is that you are not liable to the third party (you did not cause the accident). Your friend is the one that may have to pay for this. The bigger question is this: would your friend be considered an “insured” under your policy. He could or could not. It will have to be determined by reading the policy.

You should talk to a lawyer, specially if the damages are substantial (the other vehicles).

I hope this helps,

Good Luck,

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