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Filing Claim when other Driver at Fault

Another driver entered the parking lot, speeding, turned the corner quickly and right into the driver's side of our door. Her car was barely damage though the front part of our car was bend in and the side mirror was hanging on it's side.

This driver is also insurance with our same insurance agency. We contacted them to file a claim the same day and provided all the details. We were told we would need to call Monday to talk to our claims adjuster once assigned to us.

The claims adjuster advised my husband we need to call the other driver's insurance agency to advise of the accident and provide the claim details as the other driver has not filed a claim. This surprised us greatly. We thought once providing the information our claims adjuster would take the necessary steps towards opening a claim under the other party's insurance.

We still send the adjuster the diagram and pictures of the accident but are concerned about becoming more involved in the process. we are worried whether we can prove the other driver was at fault or if this process will be long, drawn out and stressful for no reason.


Well, typically you do turn in a claim and your insurance company will not. They simply don't have the details (with the specifics) that you do. So you are the best person to file your claim.

Will this be a long process? Maybe or maybe not. Parking lot accidents are difficult to handle, so this can be a little controversial or hard to handle.

Hopefully the at fault party does the right thing and tells them what happened.

Good luck

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