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Fire Damage

by Jason
(Waxhaw NC USA)

I have a 2006 GMC Envoy. Something caused a short circuit and the circuit breaker did not work properly therefore causing a fire in the rear of the suv and burning through 41 wires that operate the car from the fuse box.

The adjuster came out said comprehensive would cover the damages. Within a hour he called back and said it would not be covered. I had to pay. The car has full insurance everything.

Several people I have spoke with said if they dont cover the part they should cover the damage the fire caused and smoke damage.

I feel like the insurance company is FEEDING ME A LINE OF CRAP

What can I do?


Why is it no cover? The adjuster must give you a definate answer, not just a blanket "no coverage." Why is that? where in the policy says that?

If it is not clear, contact an attorney in your local market. They can help you get the coverage from your policy.

Good Luck

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