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Fire Lane Rear-ended while trying to preserve safety~who's at fault?

My friend's older brother was driving their younger brother to an appointment.

We got into the parking lot, turned left to where we were right in front of the door to the office ( where the entire front curb is a fire lane) on our right side and left side was parking for cars, and her older brother (the driver) was slowed down, stopped, to look for a parking space when their younger brother opened the door thinking that he was just going to get dropped off bolting out the door.

Their older brother had to stop the car because it was unsafe for their younger brother and made sure that he didn't get hurt. Then a car from the left side (from behind) backs up into the back of our car.


Well, this is not as clear for us. It sounds like it is a parking lot and we are not sure that the “fire” lane issue will meet the causation requirements. Please see:

In other words, if a vehicle back up, it must look and not do it until it is safe. Your car could have been a fire truck. The entire thing about stopping and not stopping for people to get out may or may no be relevant. People stop for drop offs in parking lots all the time.

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