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Flooded truck | What do they have to fix/replace?

by A. Wilson
(Vanceboro, N.C. )

I was launching my boat which was small enough that I could not see it for my tailgate. I went to step out onto the running board and the truck was in reverse instead of park. Needless to say it started down the ramp at a pretty quick pace. When I went for the brake I hit the gas instead. When all was said and done the water came up into the truck flooding the rear and up to the front floor to about the control pedals. This meant that the rear and the underside of the front seats (which are total electric with heaters) were under water.

The insurance company has proposed to fix the exterior which hit the side of the dock, but only propose to remove and pressure wash the carpet on the interior.

My question is should not the insurance company at least have in the original estimate to replace what they know was submersed. Such as the rear speakers and other equipment behind rear seat and the electronics under the front seats. They will only say that they will fix whatever is discovered with water damage during the fix.

Please give me your suggestion.

P.S. This is not just a regular truck it is a Ford F-350 Dually, 4-Door crew cab, 4X4, With the Lariat package

Thanks : A. Wilson


Hello A. Wilson,

The make and/or model of the truck is irrelevant. The insurance company must only fix what is actually shown to be damaged.

If something is submerged, it does not automatically means that it needs to be fixed or replaced. If the carpet can be dried out, the insurance company can argue that they are not damaged.

Believe or not, this can also apply to electronic equipment. If the electronic equipment still works after is dry, then the insurance company does not have fix or replace it.

You must show the actual damage to these components and simply the fact that they are under water will not suffice. It may not be fair, but the insurance company will probably argue that.

Good Luck,

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