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Following a minor?

My daughter and I were involved in an accident in January. She has been going to p.t. Twice a week for a sore neck, back, and headaches.

I got a lawyer to help us. The other day I noticed someone was following us. He followed us to her p.t. Office and I was extremely upset. I knocked on his window and confronted him.

He tried to say he was lost and I cAlled his bluff.

I actually saw my daughters name and address written on a piece of paper in his front seat. I also saw him stopped behind my vehicle holding a camera. I also was involved in an ongoing accident a year ago so I wasn't sure if they were following me--until I saw her name! When I asked him how he would feel if someone was following his child ( since he had a young son in his car) he threw his hands up and said " that's my job".

My daughter is only 10years old and now is constantly thinking she is being watched all the time. Is this even legal????? Thanks.

Answer to Following a minor?

Hello there,

Well, that's creepy.

Talk to your lawyer about what to do next. Filing a police report and having a restraining order does not sound like a bad idea, but talk to your lawyer first.

Good Luck

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