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Friend driving my uninsured car and was in an accident but was not her fault

by Tracy

My friend was in a vehicle accident while driving my uninsured car and was in an accident.

The accident was not her fault because a car pulled out in front of her and her slamming into the other car broadside.

They both went to the hospital. Who will be liable for all damages and medical bills and will my license get suspended even though I wasn't driving?

I live in the state of Indiana.


Hello Tracy,

We are very sorry the delay… The person who caused the accident is liable for all damages. If your friend has no liability at all, then the person who hit her should pay for everything (their insurance company).

Your license is not at stake here as you did not cause the accident. However, your friends license might be in jeopardy, depending on what the officer wrote on the report.

For more information on fault, please see:

Good Luck,

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