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Gainsco = Bad Service + Debt Collection Agency

by Han
(Austin, Tx USA)

I used this company (Gainsco) through an insurance agency near San Marcos.

For over a year I paid their premiums. One month, I am late for less than 12 days, they cancelled my premium and told me they can't take my payment (less than $60 mind you) because I am no longer a customer.

Furthermore they sent me to a debt collections agency for $30 that i supposedly owe them? For WHAT? I called in to make my original payment and now you want to collect on $30 that I don't know how I owe.

Where and in what business do you refuse to offer service like this? It was already bad enough that they don't take any payment whatsoever online, but you have to call in and make a payment every time. They didn't even try to win me back, or keep me as a customer. They simply didn't care. I wonder if I had gotten into a car accident and how it would've been handled. Lame, ridiculous and bad customer service.

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