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Gap Insurance no Insurance

by Christopher

My 05 dodge neon was parked right in front of my house legally where it was hit.

The police arrested the guy for DUI but I never got any insurance info from him. The arresting officer told me that he had insurance and i can get that info off of the police report which has yet to come out.

In the event he doesn't have insurance and my company canceled my insurance without any warning on Aug 2 and the accident happened Aug 22 what are my options?

I didn't receive any information or phone call regarding a cancellation of my policy. I have Gap insurance but I really don't know how it works.

I would like to know what are my options?


Well, you have a somewhat of complicated situation here. Why is your policy canceled?

This will determine many things, was it because of failure to pay? the insurance company canceled because of misrepresentation or possible fraud? It was a mistake?

Did you pay for an entire policy period but they canceled and did not return premium? Again, way too many issues here.

Gap insurance will pay for the difference between what your insurance pay and what you owe. However, if you do not have a primary policy (because it was canceled), the Gap insurance terms may not be effective, essentially leaving you with no coverage.

This is not a good situation, hopefully the other driver was insured and there is coverage for DUI accidents.

If there is not, then you need to contact a lawyer.

Good Luck

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