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Geco cute Geico not

by Zaily
(Miami Beach,Fl.)

On June 1, 2010 as I waited for the traffic light to turn green I was hit on the right side rear of my car. As my husband and I made arrangement to have the car damages estimated everything when well.

On July 15, 2010 we received the check from Geico and was deposit to our bank account.On July 21, 2010 as I was checking my bank account activities I noticed it was negative -$769.35.00.

As I checked from the date the negative started I noticed the check from Geico was not cleared and therefore that made the account and all transaction that occurred negative.

When I reached my bank the bank informed me that Geico check had a stop payment.

When my husband reached Geico(the company would not speak to me due to my husband being the policy holder)he was told by a representative( I have rep name but will not place here)that the check had a stop payment due to the adjuster missed spelled our street name wrong.

We were in shock to know this specially since NO ONE from Geico called nor send out a notification of such action will take place. To make this story short since till this day we are still getting this resolve.

After my husband calling Geico 4xs in different days. Having been told on each occasion by the representative member( have names of all "team members") that a supervisor or some one will call him back, yet we are still waiting for the first call from a supervisor.

Over and over no supervisor has been available to speak to us upon our request.And getting Geico representative accepting to cover $210.00 of over draft fees caused by this check.Geico send a new check to replace the previous amount. Yet today 7/27/10 my husband calls and was told by team memebr( have name)that the check for the over drafts fee is on the supervisor desk but is on vacation.

As my husband was talking to the team member she informed him that the overdraft check was made for only $175.00. When my husband informed the member the amount is incorrect the team member stated it will take for the whole process to start over again.

This will make anyone boil to a point that either you make the determination of eating the $35.00 difference or loose your head so my husband made the wise choice of eating the $35.00 differences. However let?s see if the check to cover the over drafts fees does come on the mail and with out any problems.


We are so lucky that we made it through this struggle because this caused us to pay the bank money we counted for. And also this could have made our bank close our account.

I would like for some one from Geico to have a little respect for the hard worker people they service and also respect for the person that gets hit by their customers.

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