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Geico demanding payment

by L. Rod

Geico is trying to get us to pay for their insured damages after an incident we had with her, she told geico that we damaged her car. Geico never called us to ask us what happened.

They just fixed her car and now are demanding $1000 from us, when we never did anything. When we first spoke w/them, we asked about the damage that she done to our car, which we have a police rpt confirming there were scratches to our car, but they said they wouldn't fix ours because there are no witnesses.

Yet, they went and fixed her car, no questions asked. She had no witnesses either.. Now since we are telling them were not gonna pay, they are threating with sending a request to the state of Florida to have my drivers license suspended.

Can they do that? I am also attaching a photo that shows where she is claiming there was damage - They're asking us for $1033..


Geico could talk to the department of insurance and could have the driver licensed pulled, but only if you have no insurance. Did you have insurance at the time of this incident?

If so, talk to your adjuster and have them do an investigation.

If not, then how can they find you at fault? If there is no witness, then there should be something more. Is the police report clear? You may be able to defend on those grouds.

Talk to an attorney

Good Luck

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Feb 03, 2012
by: Anonymous

we definately had insurance, but were not giving them the information because we dont feel we should be responsible. The police report was clear that we have scratches on our car, and shows us as the victim. We sent Geico a letter demanding they stop harrasing us, so hopefully they will stop! thanks for your response!

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