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Geico no fault insurance (lost wages)

by Jason
(Elmira, ny)

I was involved in a 1 car accident last year on my way to work. Witch has resulted in my having 2 knee surgerys and possible more.

I have been out of work due to this since aug. of last year. Now geico has paid my lost wages since last year up till 2 months ago when all of a sudden they changed adjusters and now the new person believes that this was a pre existing condition and I just exacerbated the old injury and know they have halted all lost wage's and medical payments to doctors till they have another IME look at all my old records and determine this is what happened.

Now the first IME did agree that this was a new injury .

I have been upfront with Geico and never disputed I had a previous knee surgery 5 years ago. But I was better and working till the accident.

How is this right? Even if I did have a preexisting condition and I reinjured it in a accident wouldn’t they be responsible?

Please let me know how I should further handle this. I have spoke to everyone they would let me speak to at Geico and did get them to make one more payment of lost wages but they are not willing to do anymore till there bought and paid for doctor gives his decision.

I have a family to support and cant afford to go with out lost wage payment. Please advice.


Hello Jason,

Loss wage claims can be a tremendous pain. Insurance companies like to “investigate” them and to dig down to see if they can stop paying, thereby forcing you into a complete settlement.

It really sounds to me like you need a lawyer. You are entitled to damages for the aggravation of the injury and not for a “new” injury, unless the doctors can show that the prior injury was fully recovered. A lawyer can help you navigate the process and help you dealing with insurance companies.

Geico is probably arguing that they do not owe for this damages because you were already hurt. However, they do owe for the aggravation (as you said, even if you were injured prior to this accident). Please see our notes at:

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Good Luck

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Apr 07, 2011
geico is REDIC!
by: "CRY"

I feel you!! I have a prevoius condtion that has nothing to do with my MVA and they do not want to pay for any of my scripts. Everybody that I speak w/cannot get geico to do anything right for them. My scipts are over $2000 a month no one can afford that! And I need them to get out of bed,just to do my daily activites! Its even crazy that pharmacy's are stoping taking geico cuz they don't want to deal with them! So good luck to all of you cuz I will sure need it dealing with these idiots!!

Sep 14, 2010
geico won't pay
by: clifford kemp

On Wensday, September 08, 2010 I will go to Buffalo, NY. I have an arbitration hearing(which is available to anyone denied) Geico will again try to beat me for my lost wages. They owe me $14,230.00 because I could not work as result of 16 year old girl running into my stopped car at a traffic light. It's been almost two years since they said no to my claim. They even hired the "Glodstein Co" to discredit my claim. But I have filed for ARBITRATION, you can too! Make them pay in a court infront of a real is your right!!!!!!!!! it costs $40.00 but it's worth it. AND... even if I lose I plan to file legal action in my local court against the car drivers mother. If I lose I plan to drive them crazy by bugging them, on and on and on !

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