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Geigo MIGHT not pay me for my car that was hit while parked

by Brian

My car was hit while parked in from of my apartment complex. It was legally parked. The issue is the car that hit me, his or his mothers insurance (Geico) is saying that if the car was stolen they will not pay me a claim. The initial report I received from the police said she allowed him to drive the car.

He also hi another Jeep that was parked totaling that. I have or had an 04 Maxima. Initially, the adjuster came to estimate my car and told me it was a total loss valuing about $9,000. A police was report was filled out prior to all this but I do not believe the kid was arrested or anything. I only have liability on my insurance.

I think something is fishy here with Geigo. is THERE a law or something that states they will not pay if a car was stolen.

When I called the guys insurance or his mothers they told me there could be an issue because of this.

Please help, I have no car and do not know what to do.

Answer to Geico MIGHT not pay me for my car that was hit while parked

Hello Brian,

Is not a law, but the policy language on their policy. If the vehicle is stolen, then the vehicle owner is not liable, the thief is.

Coverage does not extend to an user without proper authorization to drive. The "non permissive user" exclusion has been held valid.

You may want to talk to a lawyer about this. You are not in a good position regarding coverage.

Good Luck

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Mar 19, 2012
by: Anonymous

Well obvious with my financial situation I am unable to pay for an attorney at this time but are there attorneys who will look at the case for free and decide if they will take it on . Of course to get pad after decision

Mar 19, 2012
by: Brian

The person driving was the son . From the initial police report , the mother gave permission for the son to drive. THE SON WAS never arrested and he was not put in jail therefore , the car could have not been stolen. They only changed their story up afterwards. So, if anything can I sue the driver? How do i exactly find out about if the car was stolen


You can sue the person who caused the damage regardless of coverage. How do you find out if the car was stolen? Without a police report for theft, it will become a question of fact (a question for a jury), the reason why you need to talk to an attorney.

Good Luck.

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