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Going about getting my car fixed

My brother got his 2004 Cadillac escalade stolen about 2 months ago its still at the body shop waiting to see what the future holds for it.

He owes 24 thousand and its only worth 17 thousand. The one and only estimate from the body shop that is storing it is quoting 13 thousand to fix it.

Details about the vehicle is that it had 3thousand dollar rims that he had bought about three weeks prior to it being stolen those are gone the seats and some panels are gone too but replaceable and some minor electrical the shop quoted.

My understanding is that as long as the damage of the vehicle is under the value the should fix it am I wrong, the insurance just want to claim it a total loss and pay what its worth leaving him with the balance owed with no car what that about, I’m lost.

He wants his car fix but the insurance is no cooperating I advised him to get an attorney. What do think?


Hello, I am sorry to hear about your brother’s situation. Your brother needs a lawyer, now.

You identified all the pertinent issues and where the insurance company will try to total the car because it is cheaper for them. Total loss is a business decision. Please see:

Remember that a total loss occurs when the value to fix the car reaches 70, 80, and sometimes 90% (depends on the insurance company) of the fair market value. Your brother needs to established that. Please see:

Also try to contact the department of insurance of your state for guidance,

I hope this helps,

Good Luck,

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