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Got hit in a gas station | What to do now?

I was sitting at the gas station pumps, got my nephew and I a drink. My nephew had enough time to put on his seatbelt and I had mine in my hand when we got hit in the right rear of the car.

The man hit us hard enough to knock us up about 2 feet.

Now I am in a town car, it was in park, not even turned on. That was 7 hours ago. My lower back is very sore.

I have GMAC and he has State farm. I called my company, I have ally of damage to the car. Never been through this. What do I do now?

Answer to Got hit in a gas station | What to do now?

You did the right thing by notifying all insurance companies about the collision. If you are injured or feel you back is not “right.” Consider going in and getting it check by a doctor. They can do x-rays to ensure there is nothing broken or anything like that.

They may send you to a chiropractor etc.

You also want to consider talking to an attorney before you settle or consider any damages from the at fault insurance company.

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