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Got rear ended today, i dont' have insurance

by Jen
(Seattle, WA)

I got rear ended today while sitting at a stoplight. I was actually on my way to get an insurance policy after I left the Department of Licensing. So I didn't have insurance. I had no idea how hard the lady hit me, and assumed it was pretty soft after just after seeing scratches on my bumper. because I had my dogs in the car and was just shaken up, I assured her I was fine and went home. A few hours later, I'm getting really sore.

My neck is killing me, and now that I think about it, it whipped forward pretty hard, and she did state she saw me move forward after she hit me.

I didn't exchange any information because there wasn't any real damage to the car and I was shaken up.

The lady was really worried though, which should have prompted me that it was a little more violent than I thought it was in the shock I was in. I grabbed her license plate number just in case. Thankfully. So now, how do I go about contacting this person for an insurance claim if all I have to go on is her license plate?


Well, you may need a little assistant from an attorney / licensed investigator. You way also want to file a police report (a walk-in report). They may help you locate this person so you can be at seen by a doctor.

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