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Had an accident while 29 weeks pregnant, having issues with pregnancy ever since...

At 29 weeks pregnant, my boyfriend and I got into a car accident, and it was not our fault. I was having a good pregnancy up until then. Right after the accident I began having contractions, when prior to the accident I was not.

Now I am 33 weeks along, and tested positive for premature labor signs and could have my baby before my due date.

If I have my baby before my due date, would the other persons insurance be responsible for my hospital bill?

Also, our car was a total loss.

Answer to had an accident while 29 weeks pregnant, having issues with pregnancy ever since...:


I am sorry to hear about the situation. I am sure it is very stressful. The main issue with your claim is causation.

Please see more about causation here:

You must be able to relate the injuries (complications with labor) to the accident / collision. This can be very difficult because insurance companies are quick to point out that problems with a pregnancy are not apparent until the later part of a pregnancy (unless you have big issues).

Also, you would have to incur certain bills for the pregnancy / delivery anyway.

Your car is a total loss which will suggest a difficult / hard collision (unless your car was really not worth much).

The pregnancy can increase the value of your settlement. To have an estimate, please fill the form below.

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