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Hail Damage Claim with a lien

by Austin

I recently had some hail damage on my vehicle, got a quote to fix the damage and then met with the insurance adjuster. She cut me a check with a few differences from my original claim and minus my deductible.

However it is made out to me and the lien holder.

My questions is can I get the lien holder to endorse the check so I can deposit it in my own account and then decide what repairs I want to make?

My thought is that I only have a few months left of loan payments on my vehicle so I can deposit the check, pay off my loan, and fix some of hail damage and potentially keep a few dollars in my pocket. Is this legal?


Well, it's not only legal but the only way you can do it. The lien holder will not "sign on the check" unless they amount of the funds is applied to the loan. This will decrease your loan, and it could pay it off... depending on where your payments are etc.

You can do this but then you will have to pay to repair the hail on your own.

I hope this helps,

Good Luck

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