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Hail Damage

by Nicole

I was out of town and got hail damage to my car on April 28 Saturday night. I drove my car back to my house 5 hours away called insurances company and talked to adjuster on April 30 and told them the car was in the drive way.

My tags expired that day. The adjustor came out on the may 2. they said my car was a total loss actual cash value is $7000 per insurance company. I have a loan of $5800. They said it would cost $4000 to fix my car. The insurance said I have to get my tags up to date before they can do anything.

Do I have to get my tags up to date it a loss and I am already out of a lot of money and no ca. after my detectable I will get a check for around $800.

That not enough for a down payment for a car. What are my options do I have to sell the insurance company my car. The adjustor is not very friendly.

Answer to Hail Damage:

You need to settle your total loss for the highest amount you can. Please see:

If you need your tags, they need to include that on the settlement of the total loss.

You could elect to keep the vehicle, but they will reduce the salvage value.

Good Luck
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