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He rear ended me doing 45mph | Total loss offer unfair!

by Steven

I was in an accident, 100% other drivers fault. He rear ended me doing 45mph. His insurance, Metlife, has accepted liability.

My car was totaled with around $9800 in damages. They came to me with a FMV of $10,598. This was provided by the CCC valuation program. My car was an '06 in above average condition with only 21k miles on it. They used comparables for the FMV with milage of 40-70,000miles and they were all 50 miles or more away. My auto still had full bumper to bumper warranty.

Needless to say, I did not accept the offer yet. Is there any law or information on how a car must be valuated fairly? I feel like I am getting screwed!


Hello, Steven

Yeah, there are things you can do to protect your interest. I think you should this site below. There are a bunch of free tips there

You should also consider getting this eBook. They have very good techniques and ways to get the best settlement possible. The cost is $15 (I think), which is well worth the investment.

You are on the right track. There is way too much of a milage difference. Those vehicles are not comparable to yours. Also, they are NOT in your market. They cannot be FAIR MARKET as they are in OTHER MARKETS. Do you follow me. If they are going to look at vehicles 50 miles out, then ask for your time and mileage traveling 50 miles to get a car.

I hope this helps,

Good Luck

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