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Hit and Run accident

by Emily

There was a green SUV that hit my car and ran. Someone was able to get the license number and called the cops.

I was inside asleep while all this happened so I didn't personally see it but I did see the green SUV speed off. The cops found the SUV at the owners house a couple days later and it was smashed in in the front end and there was green spaint paint to cover the red paint from my car.

My insurance company looked up their license and there is no insurance registered to that car.

I called their number that was on the police report and according to them they have had insurance on the vehicle for 2-3 years. If they don't would it be worth taking them to court. They were charged with the accident and they do have a job working through a contracting company.

They said they don't think they're responsible because his friend was driving his car while my car was hit. What should I do?

Answer to Hit and Run accident:

Well, you want to file a claim with your own insurance company. There may be insurance with the insurance company of the other “friend” so long as the friend take the vehicle with implied or express permission.

If they don’t have coverage, then maybe your own policy will have the coverage to pay for the damage, and/or go after the at fault party.

Good Luck,

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