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Hit and Run with no report because on private property

My daughter is licensed with her own insurance company but was driving my car when a punk backed into her while she sat idle in a parking lot, waiting for him to go. He then shot out of the parking lot and left the scene.

A witness thought she got the tag number, so we called police.

However, he said the tag must be wrong because it wasn't coming up with anything. He said since he had no leads and it was on private property, he wasn't filing a report.

Will my insurance cover my car damage with her as the driver even though she's not on my policy? I do carry collision.

Answer to Hit and Run with no report because on private property


Your collision coverage will most likely covered the loss. HOWEVER, there is an exclusions regarding non household members (if she lives somewhere else, she Is not a member of your household) that have the vehicle available to her regular use.

If she can drive your vehicle whenever, there may be a problem with coverage. Read your policy first to determine if such an exclusion would apply to you.

Good Luck

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