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Hit by another vehicle and didn't get their insurance info

by Patrick
(Phoenix, AZ, USA)

Tuesday I was sitting at a red light in rainy conditions in the left line of a two lag, per direction, street. The car in the right lane slammed on their brakes and fish-tailed, eventually side-swiping me on the passenger side and sliding into the intersection.

Apart from being grateful I wasn't in the right lane, I followed them to a side street and due to the fact there were no injuries, didn't feel like we had to call the cops. I wrote down my information for her and she returned the favor.

She admitted fault, even claiming to have pulled the e-brake... in the rain!?!?!

Her passenger and friend, was whom she was giving a ride to work so I let them leave so I could photograph my car. I got her license plate, make and model of the vehicle, assuming she had given me insurance information.

When I got home and called my insurance, I realized she had not given me her insurance information, just first and last name and a phone number that I and assumably my insurance have not been able to reach her at. To make this all more time-consuming, my claims adjuster advised me she will be gone for the next 2 weeks for holiday vacation and "hopes" it's handled by Friday.

My questions include:

What do I do regarding protecting myself from having to pay my insurance my deductible and hoping this lady does call me or the claims adjuster back?

Can I file a police report with just the vehicle info and driver name if she doesn't contact her insurance?

Should I get a lawyer if she doesn't respond by the end of the week as the insurance doesn't seem to be very helpful and this other driver isn't answering the calls and definitely doesn't sound like she filed anything with her insurance as I haven't been contacted?

Thank you very much for your time and attention.

Answer to Hit by another vehicle and didn't get their insurance info?

Hello Patrick,

There is not much you can do to protect yourself from an increase of premium and a deductible charge. You need insurance now and that is what it is for. The increase of premium should not very high, unless you have a lengthy claim history.

Talk to your insurance company and their supervisor to ensure the claim is handled prior the holiday.

Getting a lawyer is always advised. You can see if they would take the case and help you find this other individual. The first step however, is to get your insurance company involved to see if they can get a hold of her.

Good Luck

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