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Hit by drunk driver who was arrested

by Miljan
(Chicago, IL)

I was hit by drunk driver who was arrested after that. I was with a friend in my car. I have only liability insurance and the other party has full coverage. I have police report that says that he was driving off road and later arrested for DUI.

His insurance is making me a problem with covering my damages and my insurance wont not even call them I don’t know what to do.

Answer to Hit by drunk driver who was arrested

Hello Miljan,

This is an unfortunate situation. Most insurance companies do have to wait 30 days to talk to their own insured and to determine if there is coverage for the loss. This is highly unfair for people like you. When you don’t have full coverage, you are at the mercy (literally) of the other insurance company.

You do have a police report which is great. Some insurance companies will take that and provide coverage, however, they do have a reasonable time to investigate. It is unfortunate, but that is how the process works.

Good Luck
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