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Hit from behind at a yeild sign

by Brian
(Haltom, Texas, United States)

My wife was sitting at a yield sign and was hit from behind. The other diver gave her the insurance info on the car. Come to find out that person was not a diver on policie.The other diver asked to go to a shop for cost to repair are car. After that we have not talked to them just there car insurance people. The person driving the other car was 19 and it’s her dads policie. The other problem is we had insurance for 8yrs same company and a one day laps on cover due to a over looked bill.
We still have insurance with that company just not that one day.

Thanks for any advice


Hello Brian,

I am not sure what is your question. Are you asking if this claim will be covered? Well, you had no insurance so, your insurance will probably not help you.
If you are asking about their insurance, well, there is possibly still coverage, but I cannot answer without more information.
As far as fault, if the other party hit from behind , they are most likely 100% at fault.

See more about fault,

Good Luck

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