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Hit state worker and now I am left to pick up the pieces on my own?

by Lisa
(Houston, TX)

I was hit on 03/23/09 on my way home from work. I was in the toll booth lane, a car came over the solid white line hitting me in the front left fender. I had nowhere to go, I tried to stop when they darted over but couldn't stop the collision.

After I was hit we proceeded through the toll booth and stopped off the side of the road. Immediately I called the police and my insurance company to let them know what had happened. The 2 gentleman in the other car apologized over and over to me.

They accepted liability for the accident before the police ever arrived on-site. I couldn't get my door opened so the policeman spoke with the other driver first. When he came to my window he told me that they had said it was there fault they came over the solid white line and he was giving them a citation for doing so and that I had nothing to worry about (really nice guy).

I was extremely sore for days but didn't go to the doctor. I still hurt today (04/07/09) and am unsure if I am hurt or not. I know I need to go to the doctor just to get checked out. I plan on it today or tomorrow.

My car will be out of the shop today, of course now it will lose value if I try to trade which stinks. I went through my insurance because it was like climbing a mountain trying to figure out what insurance would cover the accident, the guy was working and had a rental car so you can imagine the red tape I went through.

Anyways State Farm has handled my claim from day 1.

I had picked my car up a few days ago and it had just died on me pulling into where I live, I had to coast into a parking space. I am very scared to drive my car now, they couldn't find anything wrong with it and that really makes me nervous. So now I am forced to live with the fear that my car could just quit on me anywhere b/c they test drove it, hooked it up to computers the whole nine yards but found nothing.

I then speak the guy who is dealing with the personal injury lost time etc. today and he offers me an amount that is like a slap in the face. I am not trying to get rich off of this, I don't accept any liability for the accident nor will I ever.

The guys who hit me told me because they worked for the government I would be taken care of but this guy is not wanting to give me crap. I don't want to get a lawyer but how do I get them to give me more than twenty five cents? What do I do?


Hello Lisa,

I am sorry for the delay. Just had a baby couple weeks ago and time is a little tide now.

As you can already tell by now, government claims are a major pain. Dealing with insurance companies is frustrating, but dealing with the government is simply impossible. Your injury damages and pain and suffering should not be any different because you are dealing with the state. You are hurt and you should be compensated fairly.

The claims adjuster (the state probably has a claim department or outsources its claims to independent adjusters) will have to take into account all the factors on your claim. If you have not gone to get check out, they might not have much to give you. Please see:

In all practicality, you are not injured until a doctor (or a medical professional) sees you for injury. It’s your duty to prove your damages and the only way to do this is to visit a doctor and document your pain. If you do not, the insurance adjuster will be only “giving you money as a courtesy.”

The frustration is real, and I truly understand. You want to be compensated, but they are making your life very difficult. The only way to really take car of this is to consult with an attorney. I know you might not want to do this, but give all the problems with your car and the fact that this is the state of Texas, you might be forced into seeking legal counsel before it is too late.

I hope this helps some,

Good Luck

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