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Hit twice in 3 weeks

I was rear ended and the other persons insurance paid me $630.

3 weeks later, prior to getting the car fixed, I was rear ended again by someone with a different insurance company.

Can I put in another claim with the 2nd persons insurance even though I already cashed the first check?

Should I tell them about the previous accident?


Yes, you should tell them. The 2nd person cannot pay your for a "new" or in good condition bumper because that's not what you had.

You had a broken bumper / back end and its simply not fair to have them paid for that. From a strictly legal perspective, if they find out about the prior accident they can come back for the difference of what they gave you and what it would have to cost to put you back on the position you were.

What is it cost to fix an already broken bumper? Their argument will be nothing. It's broken already.

Just be upfront. Concealing information can be construed as fraud, and that it's not a good position to be on.

Good Luck

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