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How can I make at fault driver's insurance company pay for my repairs?

by Kim
(Horn lake, MS)

Accident report states for contributing circumstances driver 1 (me) no apparent improper driving Driver 2 failed to yield right of way.

Vehicle 2 was attempting to cross 5 lanes of traffic from a private drive.

MS Code 63-3-807 Article 17 Right of way
Vehicles entering or crossing a highway from a private road or driveway shall yield the right of way to all vehicle approaching on said highway.

the insurance company has denied the claim saying that the officer is incorrect in his report and they are refusing to pay the claim. I have over $5000.00 in damages to my car.


Wow. Remember that he police report is only evidence and not conclusive. HOWEVER, it is very strong evidence.

Also, the code is clear, regardless of what the police and/or insurance company say.

Contact a local attorney.

Good Luck

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